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Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm EST


Billing Inquiries, Invoices

Anne Davis        877-929-7665 x 9   a.davis@thursdaypools.com
Accounting Manager        317-565-2674  

Rebeca Manthei Accounting  


Shipping and Logistics Inquiries

Donna Pollitt                                  877-929-7665 x 9 donna@thursdaypools.com
Dealer Logistics Coordinator    
Susie Monday                                  877-929-7665 x 7 sshipping@thursdaypools.com
Logistics Manager    


Schedule Orders

Chris Taylor                                                                           877-929-7665 x 6      c.taylor@thursdaypools.com


Claims Repair and Warranty Inquiries

Jonathan Davis    
Director of Customer Relations                877-929-7665 x 22 j.davis@thursdaypools.com


Sales & Marketing Inquiries

Pilar Losada 877-929-7665 x 4 p.losada@thursdaypools.com
Director of Sales, Marketing & PR    
Annie Brock 877-929-7665 x 3 a.brock@thursdaypools.com
Director of Business Development    
Sales & Marketing Coordinator